The British Invasion. On my TV.

I am not afraid to admit that I am definitely a TV person. Catching up on my shows is my favorite weekend past time, and I love finding new series to watch. Over winter break, when all my other favorite shows are on winter hiatus (Walking Dead, Parks & Rec), or the season’s already ended (Dexter), I had to preoccupy myself with some new shows. As it turns out, I’ve gotten on a English TV kick, comedy and drama. Here’s what’s been in my queue:









Downton Abbey

I couldn’t ignore the award buzz any longer. I watched the first three episodes in the span of a few days, then after episode three, I watched the entire first series in one sitting.  A phenomenal ensemble cast with great writing and beautiful costumes. The culture of early 20th century aristocratic England is incredibly fascinating, but the show also highlights the lives of the servants within Downton. I’m currently waiting on Brian to catch up with me, but I can’t wait to start on the next series. PS: Maggie Smith is 77, and is a rock star on this show.

Peep Show

You know those shows that actually make you laugh out loud, even if you’re by yourself? This is one of those shows. The show follows Mark and Jeremy, two roommates with opposite personalities and lifestyles. Mark is a straight-laced, working class pencil pusher with neurotic and socially awkward tendencies. Jeremy is a hedonistic, out of work musician who moves from girl to girl and uses recreational drugs. The show is filmed from the perspectives of Mark and Jeremy, with their inner monologues audible as voice overs. This show has sevens seasons, with each episode lasting about 20-30 minutes, making it really easy to watch a few episodes before bed or during a meal.


Ooooh man, how I love this show. I saw Benedict Cumberbatch’s brief cameo in War Horse, decided I loved his supremely English name and wanted to watch this show. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Somebody should have told me not to get addicted to this show so fast, because there’s only three episodes each in Series 1 and Series 2 and Series 3 hasn’t even been filmed yet. Cumberbatch is sharp and brilliantly odd as the title character. His interactions with normal people is the highlight of this show. Martin Freeman is also fantastic as Watson. Watch it and wish you were as clever and witty as Sherlock.


This is the show that started my British TV obsession. Five delinquent teens are sentenced to completing community service for various crimes. During their first day on the job, a strange lightening storm electrocutes them and gives them unique super powers. Soon they realize they aren’t the only ones changed by the storm, and crazy hijinks ensue. I really love ensemble shows, but I love them even more when each character is used to its fullest potential. Some episodes focus on individual characters and some have the whole cast growing. Salty language, an attractive cast and supernatural story lines. What more could you want?

Are you going Brit? Watch these shows and tell me what you think.


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