DIY Utensil Lamp

This may be such a girl thing to say, but I am addicted to Pinterest. It has become my one stop shop for finding new recipes, crafts and fashion inspiration.

After I saw the above lamp on Pinterest, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my kitchen. It took some searching to find the actual tutorial that went with the image (seriously everyone, let’s learn how to properly pin). You can click on the image to read how Four Corners Design created her lamp.

Anyway, I set out to make this lamp, despite the fact that I am no Crafty McCrafterson. I get impatient and try to cut corners and won’t let glue dry properly and many other stupid mistakes. On THIS project I promised myself I would take my time and make my lamp as pretty as possible. And let the glue dry.

First, I decided to collect my silverware. I asked my mom and Nana to donate some pieces and bought a few from the Dollar Spot close by. Next, I needed a shade that didn’t cost a lot of money since I would be tearing off whatever was stuck on it. If you look at the lamp above, the shade has an equal diameter on the top and bottom and it has metal thingies (technical term) holding them together. I ended up finding a nice shade at Dirt Cheap in Tuscaloosa (almost too nice, I felt kind of guilty shredding it apart). For the lamp base, I went shopping in my parents’ attic and found one that went well with my kitchen decor (which is French Quarter inspired) but just needed a new coat of paint.

So I had my supplies. Bag of silverware, lamp base and shade, craft wire, ribbon, glue gun and spray paint.

I gave the lamp shade a coat of paint too just to help clean it up a bit. It was gold and my silverware was…silver. And I wasn’t about to have clashing colors with my lamp!

After I waited for my paint to dry (which is JUST as important as letting glue dry) I drilled holes in the ends of my utensils, which was easier than I thought. And also, my dad helped me a little. So my forks, knives and spoons were ready to be strung up. I used varying lengths of wire and loosely wrapped them around the lamp shade structure so I could move them around and eyeball where each piece should go. PS: I loved doing this outside. It was such a nice early springy day with warm sun and a cool breeze. You could say it was lovely. Because it was.

Once I had everything placed where I wanted, I hot glued black ribbon around the top and bottom of the lamp shade. This helped clean things up a bit, especially since some of the old shade resiliently refused to come off the metal.

Then tada! I put my shade on my lamp base, screwed in a lightbulb and my afternoon craft was complete! I couldn’t be happier with what I made. Soon it will claim its rightful place on my counter and shine some warm light while I cook. But I have to clean first…

4 thoughts on “DIY Utensil Lamp

  1. Hi, wow this looks amazing… did you collect a range of different and attractive cutlery, or is your cutlery draw looking a bit bare! My cutlery is quite plain, think I’d definitely need to go thrifting for some pretty looking pieces. Just love it.

    • All my own silverware is in tact in my drawer, lol! I borrowed old pieces from my mother and grandmother and bought some at the dollar store, but the thrift store is a great place to look. I wanted as much variety between each piece, so pulling from different sources was crucial. Glad you enjoyed it!

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