Brother/Sister Camping and Rafting: Ocoee, TN

I had such a blast spending the weekend with my younger brother, Stuart, in Tennessee. We were able to start our journey last Friday morning and spent the afternoon in Chattanooga, TN.

We ate lunch at this great modern-Mexican place called Taco Mamacita. Of course I tried their house margarita, and it was great.

Next we decided to be touristy and explore Rock City.

After eating too much pizza for dinner and watching hours of “Storage Wars: Texas,” we rested up for the next day’s adventure.

I really enjoyed our campsite location, and we fixed it up really nice. Note the picnic blanket on the table. Nice touch, don’t you think?

Then it was time for RAFTING! EXTREME! RAPIDS!

First off: it was beautiful outside. The water was freezing. Absolutely bone chill, frozen toes FREEZING. But it was a lot of fun.

Stuart and I sat in the very front of the raft. Right before we came up where our official photos were going to be taken, I told Stuart we should pretend to look bored. We put on our best bored faces. And then were immediately dunked in the water.

See how I disappeared there? That was me for 85% of the trip. All the water on me. All the time.

Does it look like I’m having fun? I was… but it was just so cold.

Did I mention I was cold?

After getting beat up by the rapids, we were bused back to camp. We built a (crappy) fire, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and found that we didn’t pack enough warm clothing to get us through the night. It was cold. Again.

Despite being freezing half the time, it was so much fun and I’m glad I got to spend some quality time with Stuart. I wonder what our next adventure will be…


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