Ah, summer.

I love Tuscaloosa during the summer. Once UA finishes up its semester, it gets wonderfully quiet. Growing up, I don’t think I ever spent an entire summer outside of Tuscaloosa. If anything, I would take a couple trips to the beach with my family. But I like it that way. Tuscaloosa is most exciting during football season of course, but I still think the city is at its best during the summer.

Favorite Tuscaloosa Summer Activities

  • Eating Summer Snow (Half margarita/Half pink lemonade)
  • Visiting bars I normally avoid during the school year, they are always empty
  • Drinking margaritas on Pepito’s porch
  • Spending an afternoon at Nana & Papa’s pool (see above)
  • Staying up and out really late at night during the weekends
  • Sitting on my couch all afternoon watching out the window of my apartment
  • Sunday naps with Penny
  • Driving with the windows down
  • Long talks over a glass or two of wine
  • Picnicking
  • Using up all of my energy on a day at the lake

Any other ideas?


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