Through the Wire

Remember my little brother, Stuart? Tall, athletic, funny and, up until last Friday, cursed with a pretty bad underbite.

This is Stuart the day before his surgery. See how his chin sits farther out than his nose? Since he was little, Stuart has never been able to place his top row of teeth over his bottom. Now that Stuart has reached an age where he isn’t growing anymore, it was time for him to finally get jaw reconstructive surgery.

Not that I know from experience, but this is a pretty tough surgery. The doctor told my family it would probably take four hours to complete, but Stuart’s surgery lasted over five hours with an hour and a half in recovery. Poor dude.

After the procedure, he spent about two days in the hospital, pumping morphine and trying to avoid being given a catheter. For a patient person, recovery is probably close to unbearable. And Stuart is not a patient person. However, he’s still been able to maintain his sense of humor. Or as much as someone can who is swollen, in pain and can barely speak. When Stuart was being wheeled into his room after surgery, I played Kanye West’s Through The Wire on my phone. As you can see from the above photo, Stu was so drugged up and wrapped in ice packs that he could barely move his head, but when he heard that music he was bobbing back and forth. Not sure if he remembers that or not, but it happened.

Stuart is now recovering at home and catching up on Breaking Bad. If you want to send him some encouragement, he’s been live tweeting his progress on his Twitter account, @Stufart29. We’ve been taking photos every day to watch his face change. I can already tell such a difference even through the swelling. I can’t wait to see how he looks once he is all healed.


One thought on “Through the Wire

  1. I shouldn’t have read this.. similiar surgery is awaiting me and I’m freaking out already, though I’m only having an appointement for a check-up on Friday. Hope you’re brother is getting well soon! 🙂

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