Good Morning, Baltimore!

Whoa-oh-oh, I just got back from visiting my wonderful friend/college roommate Leslie in Baltimore, MD. She moved from our home town of Tuscaloosa to the Charm City last summer for grad school (she’s singing opera up in Peabody, ain’t she fancy?).

Here are a few things I learned about Baltimore:

  1. They’re public transportation is really tops. But not at night.
  2. A lot of people consider Baltimore to be a part of the South, as in grits, y’all and football South. I’m pretty sure I am on the disagreeing side of that opinion.
  3. Baltimore has so, so many Subway restaurants. Like Tuscaloosa has churches and banks, Baltimore has Subways. My theory: Michael Phelps lives there so Subway has to provide as many locations as possible for their spokesman to eat at on every corner. Leslie showed me the building he lives in (and it’s on the market!).
  4. Besides all the Subways, Baltimore is a really great food destination. I enjoyed everything I ate while I visited. We even bought some green tomatoes to fry up at the nearby farmer’s market for some FGT/BLTs. You can take the girl out of the South…
  5. I finally learned to enjoy beer in Baltimore. The Owl Bar at the Belvedere hotel and The Brewers Art were two of my favorite places we visited.

Leslie is currently working at the admissions office at Peabody and gives tours to new students, so she gave me a brief one my last day there. Just like all the other historic buildings in Baltimore, it is gorgeous in there. The library is definitely the highlight. It’s rumored to be the inspiration for the library in Beauty & the Beast, and once you step inside it’s not hard to believe.

My sad attempt at trying to capture the beautiful library at Peabody.

The best part, of course, was getting to see my friend. Baltimore is really treating her well and I love seeing her pursue her dreams. Moving to a totally new place can be an adventure or a disaster, and she’s definitely making it an adventure. Keep on keepin’ on in Baltimore, Lesbie, but come home soon!


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