Dog Days of Summer

My dog Penny loves playing outside. But the combination of a hot Alabama summer and being a Boston Terrier susceptible to heat stroke can make it difficult for us to get out there and enjoy the world outside my apartment. I really like taking Penny on walks around UA’s Quad after the sun has gone down, but that can get kind of boring, especially for a dog as energetic as Penny.

Unfortunately, there are no fenced in, off-leash areas in Tuscaloosa so it’s kind of hard to let Penny socialize with other dogs when I’m worried about her running off. Penny knows how to sit, and drop it and go up but “PENNY COME BACK!” is not a command she follows.

So until the day Tuscaloosa’s plans to build a dog park actually come to fruition, I have to drive to Birmingham. There is a fenced in park in Hoover that Penny and I have played in a few times, but this past weekend we visited a brand new park in Alabaster. The park was partially funded by a contest held by Purina Beneful. From Tuscaloosa, it’s about an hour and twenty minute ride to get to the park, but once we arrived I realized the drive was totally worth it. Talk about a dog’s dream park! The park looked so neat and fun. It’s separated into two areas (big dogs and little dogs) with splash pads, shaded areas, synthetic grass and plenty of running around room.

Panorama of the small dog area.

Penny had a blast. She loves playing in water, so the splash pad was perfect for her (and kept her cool). Some of the other small dogs weren’t as playful as she was, so next time I think I’ll let her run around with the big dogs.

Penny making friends with a Retriever puppy.

I loved taking Penny to the park and letting her run free and play with other dogs, but I would love doing it even more if I didn’t have to drive over an hour to get there. Tuscaloosa has GOT to get a dog park (hopefully with water features like the one in Alabaster). Until then, we’ll just have to make due with the kiddie pool I keep at my parents’ house. Anyone want to take a road trip with me next time with their four legged friend?


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