Lil Bean in the Big City: Chicago

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to describing how much fun I had in Chicago this past weekend. I guess I’ll start with why I was there.

Houston, my best friend from high school, is living there until November while she works with the Obama Presidential campaign. Perfect excuse to visit the Windy City, am I right? Houston’s other friend, Kate, from college was visiting at the same time so while Houston had to work, we gallivanted about town to Millennium Park, The Art Institute and The Chicago History Museum (and by gallivanted, I mean exhaust ourselves by walking to each place we visited that day, ~5 miles not counting all the walking inside the museums).

After all that walking, Kate and I decided to treat ourselves to a drink by the riverside.

Check out that view. Pretty great, and the weather was perfect to boot: a cloudless sky accompanied by a cool breeze.

I have to mention that Lollapalooza was happening at the same time, so the city was filled with kids we called “Lollers.” Pretty easy to spot: cut-off jorts, crop top (bonus if it’s crocheted), basketball jersey (or a man tank) if you’re a dude.

Anyway, back to regularly scheduled programming… Friday night we dined on delicious burgers at DMK Burger Bar and then went to The Second City for Who Do We Think We Are. If anyone asked me to recommend one thing to do on a visit to Chicago, I would probably mention going to a show at The Second City. And if anyone went, came back and then said they didn’t like it, that would probably be the last time I spoke to them. So many of my personal comedy heroes are alumni.

Now it’s time for me to cover THE BEST SATURDAY EVER. First we visited the Field Museum, then we had lunch at Big Bowl, then we visited Houston’s friend Scott at Judy Maxwell Home (Joan Cusack’s store, we met her, she was incredibly nice), then we wanted to soak up some sun on the beach at Lake Michigan. That didn’t really go as planned.

Here’s us, briefly enjoying the beach. Then the sky turned black, and lightening struck. Then the bottom fell out. Lollapalooza was even postponed.

Lollers reveling in the rain while they waited out the storm.

The rain didn’t ruin our day because we had already decided it was to be the BEST SATURDAY EVER. Us gals got dolled up and wined and dined at RPM Italian, Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s restaurant. It was so swanky, but still had a comfortable atmosphere. It was not only some of the best Italian food, but some of the best food I have ever had period. We ate tapas style and ordered practically every appetizer on the menu.

What’s the best thing to do after gorging on tons of food? Go dancing, duh. We met up with Scott in Boys Town and danced until we couldn’t anymore.

Sadly, Kate had to leave us the next morning. Houston, Scott and his roommate Jon and I decided it was a good day to recuperate Sunday Funday style: sitting on the porch, watching the Olympics and recreating choreography from movie musicals Chicago and Moulin Rouge. Jon was able to get free wristbands into Paris Club downtown, so we went out on the town one last time before my visit was over.

I absolutely adored my time Chicago, and the company I spent it with. It was one of the best weekends I have ever had. In fact, I’m already planning my next visit. Maybe next time we’ll find the partner to THE SHOE.


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