Pretty painting, pretty weather.

Let me be the millionth person to say that the weather recently has been magnificent, especially when compared to the previous weeks filled with rain and hurricane induced humidity. If this is just a preview of Fall, then I can’t wait for the months to come.

I was inspired by Maria Teorien’s Tape Painting post on her blog to get crafty this past weekend and I did so while enjoying the beautiful weather at my parents’ house in Northwood Lake.

This is Maria’s version. I’m not going to go into ‘How To’ details because this project is kind of self explanatory, and Maria does a good enough job in her post for you to follow.

When prepping for my painting, I had two lucky things happen at Michael’s. First, acrylic paint was four for $5. Second, pre-stretched canvases were a whopping 60% off so I was able to get the size canvas I wanted without feeling guilty about the end price. However, Michael’s is NOT the place to get spray paint: $12 a can! I don’t think so, Michael.

So I had my supplies and I had my beautiful studio. I love my parents’ back yard. Lots of childhood memories took place there. Including Stuart hitting me over the head with a wooden baseball bat. For no reason. Or playing lots of X-Men with my neighbor John. Or Halloween Birthday parties that are still to this day some of my favorite birthdays. Anyways, back on track and off Memory Lane…

Let me preface that I AM NOT A PATIENT CRAFTER. And I could have done myself a little more good by waiting a little longer for the acrylic paint to dry, but overall I love the results.

I think it looks great in my living room. My mom and dad have already asked me to make one for them. Penny likes it too!

Fall, keep it coming baby. We all really liked what you did this weekend and would LOVE for that kind of weather to stick around. Love, Tuscaloosa.


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