About Kayla

I am a bruised and freckled girl enjoying the things within the boundaries of my every day life. I graduated college from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where I was born and raised. Points of interest: travelling, music, laughing, building onto my karaoke repertoire, cooking, planning stuff using Google Calendar while still maintaining my reputation as a “free spirit,” dancing anywhere at anytime when the music takes over me, hugging my sweet Boston Terrier Penny, drinking margaritas, starring in world-renowned short films, chilling with my bros, chatting with my girls, watching so much TV and not being ashamed of it, becoming Twitter-famous.

But enough about me. What I hope this humble blog consists of: growing old and not up, smile inducing thoughts, what I’m hungry for AND what I’m cooking, occasional rants, general life oddities, and things that excite me RIGHT NOW. Enjoy!


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